Enrichment Foraging Wheels

Foragers are $130.95 plus shipping. Foragers are made of of opaque polypropylene, a durable material that is chemical and heat-resistant, virtually moisture and crack resistant. They have stainless steel fasteners and mounts for long life and trouble-free performance. Easily washed and sanitized at temperatures up to 180° to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria. Designed for simple attachment to the inside or outside of your primate enclosure. These devices are engineered for ease of use. Assembly is a snap, replenishing with food is quick and cleaning to eliminate bacteria with a quick wipe.
Friend me on Facebook and Click here for the latest boards. NEW 2019 {made on heavy acrylic. fun filled , lots of movement and colorful for entertaining your primate for hours.
 Put an activity /enrichment board up near the changing table or hang it in an enclosure. This board will keep your monkeys attention. Each will have colorful Heavy acrylic rings, bells, textured movable parts on each board.
  • Three size boards approx 3 ft around $140
  • Approx 2 ft around $100
  • Small round $90
  • Square ones cost -Price COMING
Activity Board-Enrichment  
 start at $80.95 plus shipping