Belly Bands, Leashes


Belly Band Sleeves go over the belly band to change the design to match a fabric of your diaper cover.
Must be ordered at the same time since fabric is limited and cut once.

Wrist Band is what a human wears to hold the lead attached to your monkey's belly band.

All sizes and prices vary

Belly Bands with matching leads.
Fashion! Everything matches.

1 ft lead  with swivel    end                      
5 ft lead  with swivel    end             
7 ft lead  with swivel    end            
10 ft lead  with swivel  end            

add $ 5.00 for an extra swivel on  the opposite end

These bellybands and leashes are sold but lots of choices available.

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Belly Bands, Leashes and covers which can change to match your diaper covers. Must order these together. Can be made for any primate, canine or pet. Please scan down for information & prices.